Surface transport service of GRK Estates is named after GARUDAR – a mythical character that associates with Lord Venkateswara. Garuda is symbolised as the VAHAN (mount) of Lord Vishnu. We are operating bus routes connecting the villages to the small towns in Cuddalore district since 1999.

Surface transports of owned and operated by Private usually connect Urban & Urban; Urban & Rural areas or at the max to semi-rural areas but as a notion of service to our society – the native of GRK founders we operate bus routes between

  1. Kulanchavadi and Kambalimedu
  2. Kulanchavadi and Vegakollai

We connect the villages to the towns whereby facilitating the local crowd get proper Education, Medical facilities, employment and even to meet their basic needs.

We are meticulously serving in those areas over the last 3 decades.