A Multi cuisine restaurant operating in the very heart of Cuddalore since 2009 is GRK Anjappar. Our tag/punch line goes like this

“Keep Calm and Eat Dum Briyani’

We are well known for our Signature Briyani Recipe across our district. The tastiest food of every cuisine is available in our restaurant. The ambience is so pleasing and cozy that appetizes your taste buds.

The flavor of our food relishes your food hunt makes you addicted to us!

“Food Cooked with LOVE – Served with LOVE”

We strictly adhere to the quality standards of cleanliness and hygiene in our kitchens.

Our culinary academy team expertise in serving great tastes from cuisines across the world.

We take pride in saying that ‘we serve in your plates, the food that makes you NOSTALGIC to your mother’s own cooking style or it is certain to transport you to the local kitchen styles of the taste you witness at GRK Anjappar.

Party Hall Facility:

We also have party hall for business conference, social parties and rendezvous hub

We undertake party orders also

“Our Tastes creates Memories”

Our Satisfied Clientele:

GRK Anjappar Team is Trend Setters in our locality. We organize & celebrate various Food Mela/ Festivals to bring out the Traditional recipes of South India like OON SOORU in the tamil month of PANGONI (April May) every year.

We offer Combo Meals and Business Meals to our customers. We customize and satisfy all age sects of people from kids, students, youngsters to adults and employed crowd.

We also have “HAPPY HOURS” on weekdays from 12pm-3pm to facile our food patrons!!

Term Plan:

We plan to open up – chain of restaurants in every district of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry to create and maintain our own Brand Name GRK ANJAPPAR