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Cuddalore district formerly known as South Arcot district constitutes of Cuddalore and Villupuram with Pondicherry in geography and on commercial business terms as well. It was the hub of agriculture, fisheries and trading since the time of Ancient India. Cuddalore also happened to be the capital of Madarasapattinam during British times in India. After Independence too the cash inflow from agriculture, fisheries and trading sectors only lured in as financial capital into the district. But now in the past three decades as population inflated and following other infra-structure developments that started pouring into the country with the added advantage of globalization, the inflow from the old sectors could not meet with the necessities of the new generation population.

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Our Mission

Our deep rooted beliefs have enabled us to strive for leadership through excellence in every step. The commitment to cater to every specific demand has always driven the company to stretch its horizon and deliver customer delight which is it`s formula for success.

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Our Vision

In building a business world without boundaries the company is venturing out into the avenues of Power generation and Pharma industries in Cuddalore district. The company follows guidelines of people management by providing healthy and prospective growth avenues.

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Our Quality

Quality has always been the central value of the GRK Estates . Quality is our highest mission. We always pursue it, because it is our core promise to GRK clients a promise we keep. We are quality conscious when it comes to employees, products and processes. Therefore, we show excellence in everything we do.

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Managing Director
Managing Director

Managing Director

Born with silver spoon to the landlords Mr.G. Rathakrishnan Naidu of Poojaimedu and Srimathi Prabhammal of Thiruthunai Nagar in Cuddalore district is our Managing Director Mr. GR Durairaj. Though he was the sole prince of his inherited assets, he didn’t have the attitude that could have possessed any child of his parenthood. He is a very simple, kind, out-going and down to earth person.

He is popularly known as GRD in his business arena and is called with love and respect as “THAMBU” by his dear and near ones.

Under his demographic leadership style the business GRK Theatres (P) ltd was not only consolidated but it also diversified itself into various sectors with a commitment to serve customers with impeccable quality standards and with strict adherence to the application of the best management practices.

He runs GRK Theatres (P) Ltd named in as GRK Estates. in compliance with the law and ethics to achieve the company`s objective. His Team always works to enhance customer value.

As to the dream of his forerunners Mr.G.R.Durairaj has strived hard to build G.R.K Theatres (P) ltd into a reputed and respected business house which is trusted for its adherence to strong values and business ethics.


Message from our Managing Director

” Dear most customer, tenants, friends and staffs:

The motive that wakes me up every day and drives me to deliver more to the society in terms of quality at par with International standards…. Is to bring in investment into my birthplace so that the lives of many; hopes of many; and dreams of many will be ignited and growth will be confirmed.

This, my friends, is my dream and as per our company`s motto

I go by the rule “IN GOD WE TRUST” for guidance and deliverance

I work with the Motto “BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN” “


Our Partners


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